Paddle Safe Race Requirements

Paddlers are required to be carrying the following at all times:

  1. Water (We recommend each person needs to have one full 600ml bottle on your craft for each rotation)

  2. Pealess Whistle

  3. Some food (energy bars, snacks)

  4. Hat / sun protection

  5. Communications (mobile phone in a waterproof case per boat)

  6. Safety 'space' Blanket (one per person)

  7. First Aid Kit

  8. Appropriate Apparel for the conditions across 24 hours.

  9. Wearing an approved PFD / Lifejacket at all times.

Paddlers NIGHT TIME Additional Requirements (from 6pm):

  1. Waterproof head-light

  2. Cyalume lights: ONE for the stern of each craft and ONE of the back of each paddler (attached to the lifejacket). These must remain visible for the duration of the event.

Craft Buoyancy

All craft must have sufficient fixed buoyancy for the craft to float upright and horizontal when completely filled with water.

Buoyancy will be assessed during scrutineering and if found to be inadequate, the craft must be rectified or automatically be disqualified from the event.

Some manufactured craft do NOT have enough buoyancy to meet this rule. It is the paddler’s responsibility to be prepared for our higher- than-normal standards, failure to comply will delay your start or eliminate you from the days racing.

The following are acceptable forms of buoyancy:-

  • Airbags which cannot be dislodged.

  • Bow and Stern Foam fixed in position.

  • Core mat.

  • Air-tight compartments with secure hatches.

Phase Zero


In addition to our primary clientele, we also cater our skills sets for large-scale special events. Whether it be an extreme sports event or an outdoor gathering of any scale, we can provide our risk management expertise and Project Management consultants to ensure your next event is safe and successful. Phase Zero Consulting is proud to be the safety management providers for the Massive Murray Paddle and 24 Hours on Sydney Harbour

Safety Drones Australia

Safety Drones Australia is an established and experienced risk and safety consultancy. Our approach is to supply experienced safety and risk consultants to projects with the tools required for the task - sometimes those tools include drones. We aren't photographers or drone pilots moonlighting as asset inspectors - we are safety and risk experts who use drones.

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