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As the name suggests, this is a 24 hour paddle-sports race and the ultimate winner is the person that can paddle the furthest during that period. There are two courses that you will paddle on; details here.

A race that is this long is going to be a huge achievement for all paddlers involved and in the true spirit of participation, if you need to pull out early, then you will have your race time / distance recorded and not be issued a DNF listing. Maybe you can only achieve 10 or 15 hours; that is still amazing and should be rewarded.


Of course the main goal is to finish the 24 hours and there will be different awards and trophies for the type of craft / type of team etc. The solo winners for the 2021 24 hour event will therefore be the premier record holders and would need to try and defend this title the year later.


This 24 hour race is open to all forms of paddling craft.

Singles - Kayaks, Surf-Skis, Canoes, Outriggers

Doubles - Kayaks, Surf-Skis, Canoes, Outriggers

Triples / Quads

Dragon Boats

24 Hours is a long time and we will allow paddlers to change craft at the transition point (Spit east Beach); Maybe you start fresh in a fast ski and then you change to a more stable craft during the night. OR if you are a team, you may wish to paddle singles together, until you get tired and then swap to a multi-seat craft


Adults: $175.00

Child: $95.00

Please note that children below 16 years of age will need to be part of a team, unless special permission is granted by the Race Director.

24 Hours on Sydney Harbour

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24 Hours on Sydney Harbour

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